My Precious Grandkids

My Precious Grandkids

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy Birthday

Happy birthday Denise and Happy Anniversary to a wonderful Brother and Sister in law.

I am so glad that the Lord has brought you two together a few years ago

to be exact it is 42 years ago. I don't remember the wedding to well, except Mom made the rehearsal dinner in the hotel room........but I remember your trip to visit us in Calico Rock, Ark. What fun that was. (why would you come to Ark. for your honey moon?) Grandma and Mose were there also. I will always remember the bible story Dad was telling us and Moses answered was wrong and Glen sat there saying wrong answer Grandpa. anyways we love you two and thank the Lord for you two.

free stuff at CVS

Well what an awsome day at the cvs this morning. Megan and I went to CVS early today and all of the things in our carts were free.
Of course megan did better than I cause she had so many CBCs. so next time I will be able to do what she did.
If you see Megan at CVS make sure you get out of her way. she is a serious shopper!! Happy thanksgiving to all of you. We have so much to thank God for!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The next day we went shopping and bowling.

The Kids sure love to bowl. We of course had to eat at I-Hop.
Austin and Micah won the game.

They were sure good at bowling. but Jama was the only on to get
all of them down at one time. Awesome Jama!!

3 Little grandkids went to North Pole in a train

Our trip to the North Pole with Jama, Micah and Austin was a fun time!
We picked up Austin at school and off we went to Connerville Indiana to ride the train.
We arrived after a long ride, we could not find a Micky-dees any where till we arrived at our hotel. We put our p-jays on and we were off.
Micky-dees in our tummys and p-jays on what could be better.
We arrived and oh my lots of people going to the North Pole.
8 train car loads of people. We found us a seat facing each other.
We were given our books Polar Express and Cookies and Hot Chocolate.
Than came the Hobo to visit us and than the conducter came and sat with us for a while and he put our first letter of our name in the ticket just like in the movie. He did it fast to.
We soon traveled pass some villages all decked out for christmas and than we came to the north pole.........We kidnaped an old friend named Santa. Of course the kids all said we know he is just a man but he is a fun man! We know why we celebrate Christmas, it is for Jesus birthday. Anyway our old friend gave us each a bell of Christmas. Our first christmas gift of the season.
We had a fun night and we even chased Caraboos off the track so the train could keep going. Only at the North pole could you do that.
We love our grandkids. It was a fun night.