My Precious Grandkids

My Precious Grandkids

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lord show me your Glory God

I have been studing God's glory.
It brings me to me knees. I have been reading Exodus 33:16
Moses says Lord if you (your presence) do not go with me on this trip, than call this trip off.
I do not want to go it you are not with me. God says ok I will go with you!
You would of thought that would of been enough for Moses, but it was not.
He askes to see His GLory! I think that at this time Moses could of asked for a lot of things.
He could of asked for money, things , power, but he did not. WOW when our deepest desire is not the things of GOD or a favor from God BUT God Himself we cross a threshold like never before.
I beleive that is what Moses was asking for.
Verse 18 says Let me see your Glory!
He was saying show me your radiance; flex your biceps. Let me see the S on your chest. Show me your heart-stopping, ground shaking, extra ordianary; forget the money and the power; I don't want my youthful look, I can live with my aging body, aches and pains, but I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU! i want more of you God. i want to see your glory!

Wow God I want this to.. I desire you not stuff! help me to desire you more!
I want you to stun me with you strength - Numb me with your wisdom - steal my breath away by brushing that close to me - I just want a moment in the spray of your grace!

As Moses prayed this God said you can see my back side, you can not see my face. You can not see me and live. SO God said "I will cover you with my hand (Ex 33: 20-23)
while I pass by. Picture Moses standing up againist the rock, covered by the umbrella of Gods palm, waiting for GOd. face bowed, eyes covered and pulse racing, and when God gives Him the signal, God lifts His hand and in the distant Moses sees the back parts of God. As He sees His glory I beleive that he would of had to grab the rock so he would not fall down.

In this time we are living in, it is a scarry time. But as we see here we serve no little God!!
My God is not small, He is BIG!
I remember when I was small and we were with my cousins one night and the adults were talking about the end times and how we were all so worried about the atomic bombs that might come from Russia. I was so afraid that night, I just new we would never see the next day. that we would be gone with the next bomb over head, but I remember going over to my daddy, sat on his lap and i will never forget what he said to me. He hugged me and said it is ok carolyn. At that time I could look around and find fear coming out of all their mouths but I found faith in my earthly father.
Now my Heavenly Father takes me in his lap and tells me keep my face looking to Him,
I can find faith in my Father! I chose to look upon my Fathers face. I just want to keep seeing Gods GLory!! My prayer today is God I want to see your GLORY - Show me your Glory today!
My question for all who reads this is; How big is Gods hand for you today? How big is your God. Are you resting in the palm of His hand asking to see His Glory?
Rest in Him my friends

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ladies shopping trip

What a nice day of fellowship we had.
19 ladies left our church at 8am and traveled to a neat store in Elk hart (on old us 20)
Called Your Hearts Desire. It was a store of antiques, crafts and lots of goodies.
We only spent 45 minutes there, which was not enough time, but it was a store that none of the ladies had been in before, so they can now go back!
It also has a neat little area to eat lunch. So there you go ladies.. Nice lunch out and great shopping. We than traveled on to Michigan City to the outlet stores.
We played lots of games and learned to know the ladies in our church better!
We arrived back at 8pm. We had lots of packages and lots of good memories.
The verse for the day was "Come to me all you that are weary and carry heavy burdens and I will give you rest: Matthew 11:28 Shopping can be relaxing in Him!
And our prayers for the day were:
1) As I go shopping with my sisters, Lord help me to leave my family and job in your hands
2) As I go shopping today help me to love my sisters and care for them with love
3) As I go shoipping today help me to see others as you would see them
4) As I go shopping toay help me see the clerks and other people that need you and give them a smile from you
5) As I go shopping today help me to see those wonderful sales

Thank you Jesus

We all came back rested and content. Only real shoppers would understand that statement!!
Have a wonderful day!