My Precious Grandkids

My Precious Grandkids
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Stinky or beautiful feet

I am teaching a class at church on evanglism. as always I am learning more than anyone else!

This past week I had all my yearly stuff done at the Drs. office and I was a little upset when 7 other ladies went ahead of me. I was praying for a lot of the ladies that looked like there were really troubled. Some of them were back in to have a second mamogram. But I got upset and let the lady at the desk know I did not like setting there besides does she not know I have things to do.

On the way home the Lord told me I really had stinky feet that day cause I was there to pray for those ladies that were coming in. I looked up the verse he was talking about and it says in Romans 10:15 how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!

I had stinky feet that day and called back to the drs office and told the lady at the desk I was sorry for being grochey. I want to have beautiful feet for my Lord!

You know the closer you get to the Father the more he askes you to do right! I am glad he does

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Troyer family in texas a/ok

So glad that Glens family is ok in texas.

What a storm that must of been.
Soooooo glad your lemon tree is ok
And of course Mark road out the storm. How was it Mark?

Sidney I have all my grandkids praying for you as you go to the Doctor on the 18th
Love you much!